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The Portal LA

The Portal LA was born out of The Gateway Portal for Growth & Wellness, one of the oldest wellness centers in Los Angeles which sadly closed its community center doors in October of 2023.  

The Portal, a wellness hub within the heart of Brentwood, offers a blend of cutting edge technology and energy medicine for whole person well-being.

Sharada LaSpisa is The Portal’s managing wellness director and master sound & energy healer.  Sharada offers intuitive energy healing services along with the more comprehensive Sound In Recovery (SIR) program that helps men and women put an end to the crippling consequences of emotional and physical pain cycles. As a result of the transformational healing process, clients are able to find improved health along with renewed perspective, strength and joy.

Sharada facilitates the cooperative effort between client, healer, and the divine so that wellness, personal transformation and growth can occur. She integrates the power of frequency technologies along with guided imagery and hands on healing for harmonizing body, mind and soul. 

Many of her clients have tried various methods to address physical and emotional pain. They seek to minimize or avoid medication and are eager to find a NEW integrative approach that can finally bring results. For this reason, sound and energy healing are very beneficial for those seeking an empowered approach to health and for those who also wish to avoid the complications of relying solely on medications. 

At The Portal, clients find relief for many symptoms including chronic stress, inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression, brain fog, fibromyalgia, insomnia, spiritual disconnection and so much more.