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Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen

The enriched oxygen environment of HBOT increases oxygen flow to the body to help improve circulation, reduce stress, speed wound recovery, and promote overall energy and longevity. It serves as a soothing balm to the respiratory system, strengthening and supporting the immune system. Achieve peak performance both mentally and physically with our individual sized soft shell chamber.

Trifecta Red Light Therapy

Trifecta Luxury Full Body Red Light Therapy combines red and near infrared light waves to improve cellular function in just 12 minutes! That is all the time it takes to activate your cell’s mitochondria for increased energy production. More energy in the cells leads to total body skin rejuvenation, decreased inflammation, improved mood, better sleep and enhanced well-being for peak performance and anti-aging benefits. Trifecta can also be used for weight loss and body sculpting. 

Cymatherapy + PEMF 

Cymatic Therapy or Cymatherapy when accompanied with PEMF aids with detoxification, pain, inflammation and stress relief, . Cymatherapy uses coherent sound and vibration while PEMF provides electromagnetic energy needed for cellular rejuvenation and optimal health. This dynamic combo increases circulation, and enhances the body’s capacity to heal. Results are achieved by means of entrainment when committing to a 4-8 week protocol.

Whole Body Vibration Plate

This invigorating Whole-body Vibration plate with handles and varying speeds fits your ability, preference, and goals. Proven Benefits: Regain muscle tone, benefit bone health, improve balance, and increase circulation, blood flow, and oxygen delivery to your muscles. Helps the body regenerate cells and turn on its own repair mechanisms. Relieve chronic and acute pain, heal older damage, and accelerate recovery from recent injuries, gain greater flexibility and range of motion. Add to any session during your visit, for an extra boost.

Wellness Technology

AA Pro 300 04

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Energy & Sound


Energy Healing with Chakra Balancing

Let go of what no longer serves you & align with your Higher Self. Activate the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks that drain energy. Reduce stress, enhance clarity, encourage relaxation, and create a new reality. Relax and let this healing session leave you refreshed, clear and energized. Enjoy a single session for an energy re-set or a series for deep energetic clearing and subconscious reprogramming. Each session is unique and can include intuitive hands-on or distant healing techniques, breath focus, sound & vibration, cutting cords with others that bind your energy, Bio-tuning for emotional release, Cymatic therapy, visioning and more. Can be tailored to your preference or intuited by The Portal’s Master Healer, Sharada.

Sound Based Recovery Support

Experience the sense of lightness and well-being that accompany the path of personal growth, transformation, and high-frequency living. Build resilience, shift perspective, and embody principles for living in serenity with sound-based alternative recovery support. Perfect for anyone struggling with negative thoughts, stuck emotional patterns, or behaviors.

Book a consultation or trial session to see how the Sound In Recovery program can best upgrade your life.

Reiki with Harmonizing Frequencies

Reiki is a subtle yet effective energy-promoting therapeutic method originating from Japan. Universal healing energy is delivered through therapeutic light touch or non-touch. It has been proven to reduce stress, encourage relaxation & facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal. Session can include assessment of major energy centers along with a combination of gentle touch, and hands off energy transmission. Remote Reiki can also be arranged via Zoom. Cymatic frequencies are delivered at the feet for all in-office appointments. All appointments are with The Portal’s Reiki Master, Sharada

Sound & Vibrational Health Consultation

Not sure where to start with Sound Based Healing? Book a consultation and discover how a personalized protocol can help you naturally achieve your wellness goals.

Restore your body’s optimal health and balance with a customized sound and vibration program. Help alleviate physical and emotional stress, inflammation, and pain.

5D COT Chakra Optimization

A quantum experience that incorporates the integration of the seven-ray spectrum of light with hand-cut Vogel crystals programmed with Universal Life Force frequencies.

Experience balancing & strengthening of your energy centers to promote chakra optimization to help you shift into peak performance & higher consciousness. There are several programs within this 7-crystal construct to choose from including

• Evolutionary Upgrades and Healing Codes
• Spiritual Connection to the Angels, Ascended Masters & Beings of Light
• Emotional Balancing and Grief Release
• Cognitive Enhancement & Memory Support

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