Anti-Aging from the Inside-Out

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The Portal, a new hub for holistic wellness, biohacking, and frequency upgrades in Brentwood - Los Angeles, presents:

Anti-Aging from the Inside-Out

A unique transformational experience designed to align, awaken, and ascend you to a higher frequency for anti-aging and holistic well-being.

3 Sessions For $33!

Stress is an energetic toxin that can wither us prematurely.

And while we can’t prevent all the challenges of everyday life . . . 

We can help you rejuvenate and repair at the cellular and energetic levels to combat the negative effects of stress, pain, inflammation, aging, and imbalances.

Though the aging process is inevitable, how we age has much to do with our choices . . . 

Case In Point: High school reunions. Why does one classmate have a timeless radiance, while another seems to have fallen apart?

Genetics aside, it’s about the choices we make and the energy we carry in our hearts.

That’s why we designed a holistic transformation experience for you to replenish your energy and boost your radiance as you begin to slow down the aging process.

Our secret?
Heart-activated intention, light, vibration, and frequency therapies to facilitate the repair and strengthening of your cells and energetic channels.

This Anti-Aging Transformation will leave you glowing, both inside and out.

How It Works:

Step 1: Align with Your Intention (25 minutes)

We’ll set the mood for your personal radiance journey. 

Anti-Aging, Stress-Reduction, Alignment Consultation:

We believe true rejuvenation starts with your mindset and heart energy. Positive intention created from a place of inner joy and relaxation is key. Living from the heart keeps us ageless compared to those buried in adult seriousness. Heart energy is the fountain of youth. It gives us lively eyes, a skip in our step, and a twinkle in our spirit. Our consultation is a catalyst for heart-activation, infusing happiness and humor into your life, and calling forth a rejuvenated, youthful version of yourself to exude an age-defying lightness of being.

Soothe Into Sound with Cymatherapy

Seal in your intention within a relaxed and receptive state induced by stress relieving frequencies. Cymatherapy uses Vibro-Acoustic Meridian Intelligence technology to administer resonant sound frequencies via acupoints of the feet. This activates the body’s messaging system and opens energetic pathways to  support the body’s natural healing abilities. Enjoy total body wellness and recalibration with pure coherent sound to reduce stress, tension, inflammation, and energetic imbalances.

+Optional upgrade Reiki Balancing: Enhance your energetic alignment with a certified Reiki Master practitioner for an additional $22. 

Step 2: Awaken Your Energy Body (12 Minutes)

We’ll use light to reverse aging and activate your natural radiance.

Trifecta Red Light Therapy Session

Rejuvenate your skin and eliminate aging or inflammation concerns at the cellular level. Trifecta therapy emits red and near-infrared light at specific wavelengths to activate the cells mitochondria for energy production.  Aging, stress and illness have an adverse effect on the body's capacity to store and create energy.  Red light therapy aka photobiomodulation stimulates energy production once more to safely improve skin health, collagen production, psoriasis / eczema recovery, tissue repair, hair growth, inflammation reduction, mood, sleep and more!   

Step 3: Ascend to a Higher-Frequency (10 Minutes)

Conclude your session feeling lighter and brighter with whole body vibration. 

Whole Body Vibration Session

Enhance muscle toning, encourage lymphatic drainage, and boost vitality. Our gentle, therapeutic Whole Body Vibration Plate has varying speeds to fit your ability, preference, and goals. This method improves balance, boosts circulation, increases blood flow and oxygen supply to your muscles, supports cell renewal, activates the body's natural repair processes, enhances flexibility and range of motion. It pairs perfectly with Red Light Therapy to assist the lymph in the detox process. You'll leave with your whole being vibrating at a higher frequency than when you arrived.

Intuitive Reiki Balancing

 Deepen the experience with a Reiki Balancing
Add-on Option

Limited time Grand Opening offer available only to the first 100 guests.

And in case you’re new to these therapeutic technologies…

Please know that Trifecta, Whole Body Vibration, Cymatherapy and Reiki Balancing are safe, non-invasive therapies that support the body's healing potential at the cellular and energetic levels.
Don’t let stress or the natural aging process keep you from feeling confident, energized, and enjoying the most out of life! It's hard to look your best when you simply don't feel your best.
Even if your strenuous schedule doesn't seem to yield a moment to breathe, you must make time to replenish.

We understand your busy life. That's why we've bundled this anti-aging and well-being transformation into an hour, for just $33! Or Add Reiki Balancing with a Master Practitioner for a total of $55.

We invite you to rest and receive, as our therapeutic technologies do the work to enhance your energy, health, and appearance at a deep cellular level.

You CAN quickly, safely, and naturally improve your radiance – inside and out.

Let us show you how frequency technology can assist your expansion into longevity and Radiance.

Remember, this offer is exclusive to The Portal, where we're on a mission to help you align, awaken, and ascend to the highest version of yourself.



Trifecta Red Light


Whole Body Vibration

$33 Super Special ($175 value, only for first 100 customers)

+ OPTIONAL: Intuitive Reiki Balancing Add-On for $22 at Checkout

How Does Trifecta Light Therapy Work?

Trifecta's therapeutic light and set frequencies stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, target skin conditions such as fine lines, psoriasis, Eczema, dryness and more.

It also activates the mitochondria in our cells for supporting energy production and well-being.

Enjoy Radiant looking Skin. Improve Sleep quality & mood While decreasing Inflammation and Pain.

There are numerous studies on the many benefits of light therapy aka photobiomodulation that one can find in scientific journals.


Red Light Therapy has been shown to enhance skin health while lessening the signs of aging. Near infrared goes deep to target inflammation, pain, tension while increasing energy production and circulation.


There are no unwanted side effects when following recommended guidelines.


The procedure is non-invasive and pain-free.

When your friends say: “You’re glowing! What’s your secret?”
You can tell them - "The Portal"

Ready to fade away those worry lines and wrinkles, reduce pain and inflammation, and support your overall mood and energy? This is for you!

When you’re feeling stress and tension, it ages your cells and dulls your radiance. Our inside out approach targets stress and imbalance at the cellular and energetic levels with you at the helm.

Have Questions? Call The Portal: 424-603-4500

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We believe true rejuvenation starts from deep within.

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