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Offering the first introduction to the GSFHE - designed to ascend you to a higher state of consciousness & cosmic understanding. This promises to be a transformational experience!


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the galactic science

foundation for human


"first contact"

monday february 12th @ 5pm by zoom

who are the gsf

The GSFHE Are An Interstellar Agency For The Advancement
Of Human Consciousness

The Galactic Science Foundation For Human Evolution Is A Recently Formed Alliance Amongst The Angelic Realm (Overseen By Archangel Michael) And GFL Member Scientists Who Have Invested Interest In Humanity.

They Are Comprised Of Human Physiology Experts, Genetic Engineers And Physicists Representing The Star Nations Of Arcturus, Lyra, Pleiades, Sirius & Suriving Citizens Of Maldek. All Have Already Contributed To Our DNA Coding And Have Begun An Effort To Help Utilize Technology And Telepathy To Connect And Upgrade The Codes, Awakening Consciousness So That Humans Can Return To A State Of Positive Calibration, And Feel Comfortable In Their Own Skin While Integrating This Higher Vibration.

who is atheena dass?

Atheena Is A Spiritual Preceptor, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Intuitive And Clear Channel - Meaning She Can Connect To SOURCE And Then Subsequently Connect To Any Higher Dimensional Being That Chooses To Communicate.

During The Covid Lockdown, Atheena Developed Her Intuition While Studying With THEO, A Group Of Archangels Channeled By Sheila Gillette. Shortly After, A Type Of "Lightswtich" Flipped On Within Her Heart Chakra. She Was Able To Astral Travel To Higher Dimensions Where She Met Many Benevolent Beings While Also Encountering Many Enemies To Humanity. Atheena Joined The Side Of Light In The Great Spiritual War Currently Going On For Planet Earth. She Developed Many Supernatural Gifts And Many Of Life's Mysteries Were Revealed To Her. She Turned Down The Opportunity To Be An Emissary To The GFL So She Could Focus Her Efforts On Helping The Human Collective Awaken And Learn How To Commune Directly With SOURCE.

Atheena Is The Operations Manager At The Portal (Formerly The Gateway) Where She Facilitates Sessions On The GSFHE's Programmed Crystal Light COT ("The Galactivator") And Looks Forward To Sharing The Story Of Her Introduction To The GSFHE During Monday's Zoom Event.

What To Expect:


The GSFHE will introduce themselves and share their reasons for wanting to help raise the consciousness of Earth's Humanity

Energetic Transmission / Activation

The Angelic Realm will offer a transmission for higher consciousness designed to unlock knowledge databases within the unconscious mind, allowing for multi-dimensional understanding. This transmission should last roughly 20 minutes and should be experienced in a relaxed, meditative environment free of distraction.

Soothe Into Sound with Cymatherapy™

Nastin, or Nas as he prefers to be called, will speak with us on AI in the realm of ethics - as the GSFHE perceive Humanity's distrust of AI and will share Galactic insights from when it was done right -- and when it wasn't -- and what made the difference.

Chief Scientist from Pleiadian Star System

Tyramin, a medical officer and geneticist will briefly talk about telepathy and mind control. She will share a simple technique one can use to protect the mind from probing telepaths. (about 75% effective)

The GSFHE'S 5D Crystal Light COT ("The Galactivator")

The GSFHE will explain why they offered to reprogram the Vogel Crystal Light Bed located at The Portal, and what one can expect from experiencing this technology.


Atheena will talk about the various protocols created by the GSFHE and how you can experience The Galactivator at a remarkably discounted price.

Atheena will also be starting a monthly channeled GSFHE transmission similar to this one - so if you enjoyed this experience, please sign up!

Remember, this offer is exclusive to The Portal, where we're on a mission
to help you align, awaken, and ascend to the highest version of yourself.

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